Saturday, February 26, 2011

"When your lying in bed at night and cars drive by your window, the headlights make shadows of light on your wall...but you cant really call them shadows because they're just light...but I want to, ...cant they just be light shadows?" -Jiggs

Song of The Night: "Rats of The Capital" by Mogwai

Sleep tip # 126- "Reserve Your Bed Exclusively For Sleeping" - Okay so maybe it can hold one or two other clearly necessary uses, but try to refrain from watching TV, doing work, reading books, talking on the phone, pissing your pants or any other conscious activity. If you  associate your bed with anything other than sleep, you are less likely to be in the sleeping frame of mind when you lie down every night. If you reserve your bed for sleep and (almost) nothing else, your brain will automatically recognize and associate your bed with sleep. Kinda just like how as soon as you get within a 5 yard radius of a toilet when you really have to use the bathroom, your body knows it and decides that your close enough so it mine as well release the floodgates and hope you can run with your pants at your ankles.

Bonus Tip- If you insist that a bad is the only logical piece of furniture to with you find conducive enough to complete your level 3 Sudoku puzzle, maybe invest in a futon or something equivalent to a bed to put in your living room and reserve the bedroom for, well....more important things.

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