Sunday, February 27, 2011

"If you listen to a shell, you supposed to be listening to the beach. So when you hear a loud high-pitched ringing in your ears, what is that supposed to be? ...I  think its a bunch of pissed off genius dogs that invented a telepathic "human whistle"...I'd be mad but honestly, we deserve it :/ "- Jiggs

Song of The Night:  "untitled" by Sugarcult

Sleep Tip #474 - "Quiet Ears" -Now based on the title you may just be thinking, "yeah Jiggs no s**t you need quiet to sleep"...well oversensitive jumper-to-conclusions reader you are mistaken. "Quiet Ears" is actually the teqnique as follows:

- Lie on your back with yours hands clasped behind your head with your fingers interlocked (get comfortable because your going to be here for a little while)

- Place your thumbs in your ears pressing slightly against your outer flap of cartilage blocking your ear canal completely.

-Lie quietly for 10-15 minutes and concentrate on the high pitched sound you'll hear (don't worry this is not a sign of hearing damage, it is completely natural for this to happen when you cover your ears)

-After the time is up, remove your hands placing them where you are most comfortable and try to clear your mind from wandering and allow yourself to fall asleep.

The theory here is that all the concentration you put into listening to a tiny sound in complete silence, leaves you temporarily oblivious to other sounds or stirring thoughts. This gives you a small window in which our mind is calmed and you have a shot at some shuteye tonight Eastern style.

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