Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"There's a thin line between good ideas and bad ones...and that line is drawn with a green crayon" -Jiggs

Song of The Night: "Cataract" by Sparta

Sleep Tip #659- "Thought Book" -We all know that the biggest epiphany's happen just before we fall asleep, with interrupting consequences.

An idea swarm, coupled with our list of things we had to do during the day, as well as the list of things we have to do the next, makes falling asleep in a calm healthy way darn near impossible. Hence, the thought book!

The idea is simple, almost stupid-simple. All you do is keep a notebook, pad, iPad....whatever, keep something next to your bed that you can write down anything you want to remember or anything that's buzzing around in your head and you need to get it out in a useful healthy way.

Getting everything out on paper, and having the reassurance that everything is written down and ready for you to pick it back up tomorrow will help settle your mind and put you in a calm(er) state. Its a good technique if your a worrier like me, and you have a hard time getting your mind to turn down the volume.

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